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You can never have too many customers. That’s what makes a strong user acquisition strategy so important to the sustainability of a company’s offering. At Lalonde Digital our focus is on The Digital Funnel. In order to help brands build a sustainable user acquisition strategy the funnel must be simplistic and well structured.


All user activity is attributed to one of the three stages of the funnel. Our goals are to generate Awareness, to Engage users and to Convert them into customers.

Lalonde Digital | The Digital Funnel for Acquisition and Retention

Awareness - In the acquisition stage Awareness is identifying the proper customer acquisition channels. Where are you advertising online? How are you capturing your audience? Where are you sending your prospects? Different advertising channels will require different approaches. 


In the retention stage Awareness is generated by re-engaging a user. We focus on re-engaging customers as they are less expensive than acquiring new customers.


Engagement - A user has completed an action and finds themselves in your digital funnel. Now what? How are you furthering their engagement towards conversion? What are you doing with users who are abandoning your offer? 


LD Tip -  don’t send all users to your websites homepage, that’s a costly mistake and your conversion rates will suffer. Guide them where they need to be to convert.


Conversion - Do you have an engaging call-to-action? Don’t allow your new prospective customers to get distracted from the conversion opportunity facing them. Avoid confusion with your digital assets.


LD Tip - your goal is to minimize the cost per acquisition (CPA) of a customer. Any ‘leak’ in your funnel will increase the CPA. Be sure to test all areas of your funnel. While most brands focus on their campaign metrics a poorly optimized landing destination will impact any outbound marketing campaign.

Need help converting new users or re-engaging your audience?

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