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A successful digital marketing strategy is constantly evolving. Each business faces unique variables and challenges that must be overcome to succeed. As strategists, we work with brands to develop, and implement, an effective digital strategy aimed to exceed your goals while optimizing The Digital Funnel.

Lalonde Digital - Digital Strategy Optimization Cycle

Benchmarking - Understanding where you’ve been, what you’ve achieved and how you’ve done it is the foundation of any strategy. In order to improve your current results we need to understand your digital footprint.


Digital Roadmap - Defining our goals, plan of action, and desired outcomes allow us to set expectations. Without a proper roadmap it becomes impossible to understand the effectiveness of our digital strategy.


Testing - Testing is required to understand the effectiveness of our digital roadmap with our target audience. Regardless of the modification being made to your digital roadmap it must be tested. Initiatives that aren’t tested minimize our ability to optimize results.


Optimization - Optimization is an ongoing digital activity. The landscape in which you work today will be in a constant state of change. Companies focused on optimization are those that are the most effective at engaging and selling their users.


Need help with your strategy? Unsure about its effectiveness?

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