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Lalonde Digital is a digital marketing consulting company focused on helping brands measure and optimize their online marketing initiatives. In addition to consulting services we offer digital marketing services allowing small and medium sized businesses to outsource their digital marketing needs.


Need help increasing your online sales? Having problems converting users? Having difficulties measuring the impact and return on investment of your digital initiatives? The digital marketplace has provided transparency and measurability, and with it enough analytical data to confuse an analyst. 


Lalonde Digital isn’t here to reinvent the way you do business. We help companies learn from their digital activity in order to maximize the conversion and engagement of their users. Let’s start building a digital roadmap to help you exceed your targets.

Lalonde Digital | Strategic Digital Marketing Consultant Justin Lalonde

Our lead digital marketing consultant, Justin Lalonde, has been helping businesses maximize their online profitability for over 15 years. His strategy and vision are fueled from the diversity of his business background. 


An entrepreneur at heart, Justin has launched start-up companies in addition to working with small and medium sized businesses. He’s worked in a multitude of verticals including gaming, health care, automotive, entertainment, fashion, telecom and banking in a multitude of capacities. His constant focus on your companies ‘big picture’, and the bottom line, is what sets him apart. 

Justin also has a passion to work with green companies, charities, non-profits and environmentally focused brands. 

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