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Looking to expand your brands digital awareness? Having the right marketing mix for your business is an on-going process of optimization and testing. The first key to success is realizing that every medium requires a tailored approach. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Most businesses advertise through Google’s SEM platform, yet most don’t do it well. Combining the right keyword approach, landing page destinations and longtail matches is a good start to lowering your cost per click.


Remarketing - Remarketing should be your most profitable advertising avenue. A properly built remarketing campaign will increase the eCPA (Effective Cost Per Acquisition) of all of your digital campaigns.


Behavioural & Contextual Marketing - The accumulation of user data has changed the landscape of traditional banner advertising. Using behavioural and contextual marketing allows you to place your messaging in front of an audience that has displayed, or is displaying, an interest in your offering.


Content Marketing - A great way to engage with users in a non-intrusive fashion which can also help your site build credibility through SEO. Content marketing is a great way to work with influencers and to tap into new audiences.

CPA Networks - Navigate these waters carefully. While CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) networks remove the risk of overpaying for new customers, as you set a predetermined price per user, it does create a high level of fraudulent activity. Be sure to have the proper measures in place and for the most part avoid incentive based CPA networks.


Need help with your digital marketing mix?

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